Translating a Process Algebra with Symbolic Data Values to Linear Format

Doeko J.B. Bosscher
Alban Ponse

In TACAS, pages 119--130


In the paper ``Translating a Valued Process Algebra with Symnbolic Data Values to Linear Format'' the authors Bosscher and Ponse describe a general method to translate a process algebra with symbolic data values to a linear format. The translation is described using the specification language CRL, which is a language based on the process algebra ACP and algebraic data type theory. The translation is described in two phases. First a translation of core fragment to linear format. Second a larger part of the language. The motivation for this study is oeriented to builing tools which can do model checking for process algebras. It is believed by some that linear formats offer better possibilities for checking logical properties. Also linear formats conform to what is sometimes called a data oriented view, instead of a process oriented. Several authors translate specifications to this format before a further analysis.

CWI/PRG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Available as PostScript, DVI.

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