Hypercoherences: a strongly stable model of linear logic

Thomas Ehrhard

MSCS - Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 2:365--385, 1993
Slightly changed version

Available as PostScript, DVI.


We present a model of classical linear logic based on the notion of strong stability that was introduced in [BE], a work about sequentiality written jointly with Antonio Bucciarelli.
A. Bucciarelli, T. Ehrhard. Sequentiality and strong stability. Proc. LICS 1991.

ISSN: 0960-1295

Authors address: Laboratoire de Math'ematiques Discrètes, UPR 9016 du CNRS, 163 avenue de Luminy, case 930, F 13288 MARSEILLE CEDEX 9. ehrhard@lmd.univ-mrs.fr.

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